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主内诗班同工们平安!以下是圣乐主日所唱诗歌的次序,和各个声部音频。祝大家练习愉快! 14.恳求圣父来临 (v.1 & v.4: unison; v.2 & v.3: SATB) 颂歌。上主在祂圣殿中  (all:SATB) 4.圣哉圣哉圣哉  (v.1 & v.4: unison; v.2 & v.3: SATB) 40.怎能如此 (verse 1 only: unison) 8.齐来谢主 (v.1-3: unison) 11.赞美全能神 (v.1 & v.4: unison; v.2 & v.3: SATB) 颂歌。荣耀颂 (all:SATB) 364.赞祂赞祂 (v.1-3: unison) 颂歌。三一颂 (all:SATB) 31.你当欢欣 (v.1 & v.4: unison; v.2 & v.3: SATB) 颂歌。愿主赐福看顾你 […]

Silent Night

Sight Singing

The recordings will be available soon. Stay tuned!   ~Caeleb

Conversation with Mrs. Peggy Bettcher

Peggy Bettcher has been the Director of Music Ministry at Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Lynchburg, VA, since 2001. She Received a Bachelor of Music Degree, Summa Cum Laude, in Organ Performance and a Master of Music Degree in Music Theory, both from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. While at NIU she was a pupil of Robert […]

op. 25

Prelude Theme